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“We have replaced both AutoCAD and SolidWorks with

IRONCAD. Many different fixture and tools have been designed at Hexagon. When it comes to 3D design, we do see a big advantage by using IRONCAD. Our experience been that we design faster and easier compared to our earlier solution because we don’t need to struggle with parametric relations and constraints. With IRONCAD, we can design a whole project in a single file and we also get great usage with the catalogs by dragging and dropping parts and assemblies into new designs whenever needed.” - Patrik Kärrvall, R&D Manager, Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

More on this at http://www.ironcad.com/index.php/industry/industrial?id=158

Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB, Sweden

Metrology / Industrial Measurement Tools



What customers like about IRONCAD

“I feel inspired by IRONCAD because it is so easy to try wild ideas, which is important for me as an inventor. To construct complex parts and assemblies has become easier because I can now use my imagination when I actually see the part in the 3D virtual world. I build my designs in under a week and by the following Monday I can simulate everything. I now optimize all my products before production takes place." – Göran Ewerlöf

“With IRONCAD, I am able to keep track of very large assemblies, and also easily make changes to parts (apply shelling and radiuses, make holes etc.,) without having to rebuild the part like I would in a surface modeler. This allows me to freely explore different design concepts and stay creative.” - Jonas Ahnmé

More about the EZ6 Printer at Gepro's website, www.gepro.se and on  http://www.ironcad.com/index.php/industry/industrial-equipment?id=238

GEPRO AB / EZ Engineering, Sweden

Mechanical Design



Mechanical Design


“Now at Schnaithman, we can create custom designs for our customers faster and much higher quality within our flexible profile system. In the area of plant engineering and creation time for layout planning has been significantly reduced by IRONCAD” - Andreas Schnitzer, Senior Designer, Schnaithmann GmbH

More on this: http://www.ironcad.com/index.php/industry/industrial-equipment?Id=227

“When looking for a powerful but easy-to-use 3D CAD program that was quick to learn, could run on a laptop, converse easily with SolidWorks and Inventor files and wouldn’t be an exorbitant cost, we chose IRONCAD. The next choice was who to buy IRONCAD through, and we selected Spire Dynamics. In both instances, we have been extremely pleased with our choice and have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone looking for first class 3D software along with support  that is second to none.”-  Harley Dear,  Sales Manager - IPSCO Division, Windsor Engineering Group Ltd, New Zealand

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